Month: December 2019

Loan payments

How to calculate loan payments

Not even if loans were taken out to cover maintenance arrears. Let a credit coach calculate and point out these risks for you. This is calculated free of charge after each credit check. Many borrowers feel that the suspension of payments is a personal defeat. We have developed a personal accounting system and a user-friendly[…]

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Credit with no credit rating

No bank and no private person will be given a loan without creditworthiness. This would mean issuing a complete blank check and no guarantee that the money lent would ever be seen again. However, the criteria for lending can vary widely and depend not only on income but also on other collateral. To get final[…]

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Real Estate Loans

What is the real estate loan calculation?

  The loan-to-value ratio is calculated as follows: If the multiplier is not specified in a property offer, you can of course simply calculate it. – How to calculate your financing with the interest calculator. you can calculate in advance. Take out a real estate loan with equity or as full financing? Cost of living[…]

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