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The loan-to-value ratio is calculated as follows: If the multiplier is not specified in a property offer, you can of course simply calculate it. – How to calculate your financing with the interest calculator. you can calculate in advance. Take out a real estate loan with equity or as full financing?

Cost of living calculation for real estate loans?

Cost of living calculation for real estate loans?

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Credit of the housing value for maintenance

Credit of the housing value for maintenance

The spouses often lived together in a residential complex or in their own house during the marriage. If one of the spouses remains there after the divorce, he is spared the rental costs for other people who are obliged to rent an apartment. This raises the question of how this benefit of rent-free living space should be taken into account when calculating maintenance costs.

It also needs to be clarified whether and to what extent the expenses associated with real estate financing should also be taken into account. Focus of the question: How is rent-free life in your own apartment or house taken into account? How does rent-free living in your own home influence the calculation of spouse maintenance?

What date is set for the calculation? Anyone who lives in their own property, regardless of whether it is their own house or a residential complex or a residential complex with condominiums and condominiums in Switzerland or abroad, must report the rent value of this property as an additional income. The property value must be taken into account both if the spouse is the sole owner of the property and if he is a co-owner.

Example: The woman has a monthly net income of EUR 1,250 and lives in a residential complex with an apartment value of EUR 450. In total, the woman has a monthly net income I in the order of 1,700 E. This net income, which has risen by the housing value, is to be used as the basis for the calculation of maintenance. Rent-free living in your own home is an asset advantage or a dependable income.

The spouse remaining in the residence is not obliged to use the apartment for other purposes during the separation. It therefore makes no sense for the spouses to use the former common home to increase their income. The realization of the single-family house, be it through purchase or (partial) renting, would make it impossible for marital life to begin in the previous community property.

If a partner moves out, the remaining partner can now take over the entire apartment. This increase in living space is “imposed” on the remaining spouse without the spouse’s influence. Therefore, the additional part is not included in the calculation. The right to live to be assessed results exclusively from the part in which the remaining spouse already lived before the other spouse moved out.

Accordingly, the housing value as a – limited – use advantage can only be calculated in a high location, since it presents itself as suitable residential use alone (subjective housing value). The appraiser used is usually determined by the rent payable on the local real estate market for a small apartment adapted to the marital status.

The local rental indices are used for the calculation and also document the special characteristics of the individual case, such as the furnishing of the holiday apartment or the renovation needs of the single rooms. IVb ZR 624/90, FamiliRZ 1982, 151, 152) and for this reason the remaining residual living value of the spouse who continues to use the marital dwelling is to be added to the corresponding contribution to be paid for the corresponding lower dwelling on the home ownership market.

III. When calculating the target value, the monthly rent achievable on the open space market for the entire property must be used. When is the value of the subjective or figurative living space used? The insurer uses the day a divorce occurred as the reference date. Preferential living prior to divorce The individual housing valuation value is valid during the separation period.

The benefits from the value of the apartment are only calculated in terms of size, since they appear to be suitable. R. what the remaining person would spend on a holiday apartment suitable for them. EXCEPTION The following exemplary cases show that it is also possible to determine the intended and not the actual life value before the divorce is due.

All the following exemplary cases show that the marriage is unsuccessful or there is a permanent separation and therefore there is no longer any need to worry about reconciliation: Objective housing value, whether: Here it is necessary to determine exactly what the house or what is on the job market the holiday home would be reached by renting on the local housing market.

However, if the real estate investment is a kind of old-age security for the maintenance debtor, the repayment of up to 4% of the gross profit of the previous year can be deducted as a corresponding additional provision. The meaning of the right to the entitled person arises from the distinction between the market rent and the credit charges on the property (BGH, judgment of April 22, 1998 – XII ZR 161/96).

Repayment payments Repayment payments may only be deducted to the extent that the other spouse benefits from the accumulation of assets in connection with the repayment. a) Repayment payments in the case of co-ownership payments reduce the residential value (until the sale / realization of the property) if the property is jointly owned, since both spouses benefit from this accumulation of assets in such cases. b) Repayment payments in the case of sole ownership Payments to the banker, interest and repayments can only be made in the amount in which there is no accumulation of assets.

It must be checked how long and to what extent the other partner can benefit from the accumulation of assets. Period 1: Taking credit rates into account From the pending dependency (Service of Divorce Request), only the full interest amount of credit rates can be withheld. In principle, the redemption share cannot be deducted because it is an increase in assets in which the other spouse no longer has a part after filing the divorce application (BGH FamiliZ 2007, 880).

If the beneficiary benefits from the profit sharing (up to the point of pending dependency), the accumulation of assets is not yet at his expense. If the spouses live separately, the repayment of the housing debt can still be retained from the income when calculating the separation separation. Periods As soon as the joint venture becomes invalid (pending or agreement on the separation of property through a marriage contract), the following changes result:

The final assets are calculated on this day. The residential value is usually reduced by the non-distributable incidental acquisition costs. The creation of maintenance provisions is subject to two conditions: first, if it is demonstrated that the implementation of maintenance measures cannot be postponed, and second, if the justification is based on the amount of the provision.

CHILDREN The apartment value when living together with ordinary children: If a spouse stays with the ordinary children in the community property, then this does not reduce their apartment value, but the apartment value to be set increases even further. It is to be placed as if it were the landlord of the dwelling to whom the accommodation costs for the little ones are to be passed on.

The amount of the euro to be entered here results from the man’s maintenance obligation towards his descendants. This calculation is based on the Düsseldorforfer table, which specifies the minimum amount of child benefit.